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Saturday, November 04, 2006

David Wells and the Big Wave

Apparently David Wells is an avid surfer. Nobody told me this beforehand and I wish they did because this is a freaking goldmine. Imagine who you want for the blonde stoner kid. I aim for "Eric Byrnes" personally. Though one of hte Weavers works too.


Untold Stories from the 2006 Season: Rainout TV

Okay this one came solely from the idea of having someone catch a few of the Red Sox players watching a musical and acting out the scenes. And then came the perverted side of me thinking "hey! Tranvestites!" and thus came this. Though, for the sake of the male contingent of viewers, I have no imagery of men in lingerie for you. Just the mental image is enough. Okay the movie, is Rocky Horror Picture Show which is trippy but pretty fun as well. The songs are "The Time Warp" and "Sweet Transvestite". Wakey is in here because of my old "Little Known Fact" of Wakefield. Trot because he seems like a closet musical freak. And Manny Del because...well he looks like he is really into Cabaret. As for Loretta in here? Well...he's not somebody I'd expect in lingerie. And for the record, I spared you males a lot. Because I would've drew it because Loretta is quite good looking. And that is that. And I apologize for any souls vomited. Also, this will be the last horribly horribly wrong one that I'll do in a looooong time.

5 minutes or so later...

Friday, November 03, 2006

Manny Goes Streaking

For some reason, I envision Coco Crisp and Mike Lowell as a sort of Stadler and Waldorf combo just sorta sitting in the dugout, cracking snarky jokes about their team. I dunno they just seem like they'd make a helluva comedic team. I think it's probably just my own POV. Anyways this Artpad as my little Snarky Duo at work again, this time paying $200 to get Manny Ramirez to streak across Fenway Park(paying $100 each). And of course, Manny would've done it for an ice cream cone but they went with the money. Honestly, if Manny ended up streaking across Fenway Park, would we be suprised? I know I wouldn't be.

Lowell, Gonz, and the Gold Gloves

Ahh yes, the American League Gold Gloves. The Gold Gloves in general are the biggest crock of shit this side of town. Granted some choices are legit and decent, but the fact that Derek Jeter has won the Gold Glove for the third straight year is just very unsettling. But then again Gold Gloves are a crock every season. It just gets annoying sometimes. Chavez I guess is a legit choice but he's only played 137 games in response to Lowell's 153. And also as a contrary Gonz has played 111 games, but I still say that Jeter shouldn't have won. Uribe should've instead :) At least that's my opinion. But still, I mean the Red Sox have had the best fielding team inthe majors but somehow be shut out for Gold Gloves?! Does. Not. Compute.


Jose Reyes #7

Jose Reyes is the Mets shortstop. I have an irrational love for him that has kinda just seemed to develop throughout the end of 2006. He's just so little and adorable. And I love his hair. It's all like pre dreads but not exactly spikes. But also Reyes is a helluva player. He's a good hitter, great baserunner, solid fielder, he's just is a lot of of fun to watch. The Mets are blessed to have two budding superstars(him and David Wright) guaranteed to be playing together for years to come. That's awesome and great for baseball.

See? I can do Artpads NOT about the Red Sox! :)

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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Manny and his Halloween

Oh Manny. Why would I not be suprised if Manny tried to go trick or treating a day later? And why would I not be suprised if he ends up at Mike Lowell's door or at least David Ortiz' door? Why is he a ducky? Because I did too many BATMANNNG ones, so I thought him as a duckie would be cute. Also, it works because I did one with Manny acting like a duck in the rain back in June. It's just Manny being Manny, man. :)

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The Youngins Go Camping

Because they're not exactly rookies anymore(save for Lester and Hansen), I'm calling them "Youngins" cuz they're rather young. This was made to fufill a request of having the four of them at the shooting range or something. So I thought them gathered around a campfire talking random ish and roasting marshmallows would be a good idea. I dunno for some reason I can see them re-enacting Stand By Me and getting into some argument about if Goofy is a dog or not. Or just arguing about what's a purse and what's a messenger bag(Paps has a purse!). Just random good times. Also, I can't draw Hansen to save my life.

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Red Sox Halloween: Losing Bets

This has a bit of a storyline behind it. I have these two dressed like this as more of a "they lost a bet" kinda deal. For Schill, now we've seen him as Wonder Woman before in these artpads, so I did it again because mehh I was lazy. Now him and Belli had a bet about what song of Michael Jackson was Manny Delcarmen as. Schill thought it was from "Beat It" while Belli had the correct response. Now if Belli had lost, he would've went as Roseanne. As for Poor Tim Wakefield over there, him and Timlin had a little bet about who'd win the WS. Wakey liked the Tigers' chances but Timlin thought the Cards would finally pull it out, but also because he was biased. Now if he lost, he would've dressed as a Vegas Showgirl. But he won, so Wakey is Carmen Miranda.

And these are the things that run through my mind while I'm driving


Red Sox Halloween: WTF?!

To be honest, I was being a jerk w/ the Cora one. I love the guy to death, but he has huge ears. So I decided to play up on that. I went with Fievel because Fievel is adorabler than Dumbo and Mighty Mouse. Also, I think Cora's kids would so have him be Fievel if they could. So it works out. As for Lowell, that one was completely random. He looks like a pimp more than Liberace though. But that's fine by me. I just randomly put Lowell as Liberace and hte mental image was too good to not do up. That's the way I roll, ya'll.


Red Sox Halloween: Musicians

Coco Crisp going as Prince kinda just randomly came to me. Originally I was gonna deem Manny Del(it was between the King of Pop, Prince, and Timlin) as Prince, but Thriller, dude! So I thought of Coco Crisp dressing up like Prince. And well, the thought of Coco in eyeliner, I must admit, is kinda hot. So he's Prince. No assless pants, though I wouldn't fully object to that :) As for Timlin as Ted Nugent: They both hunt, wear lots of camo, and are batshit insane. Of COURSE Timlin is gonna go as Nugent. The Nuge is like his brother from another mother. Seriously.


Red Sox Halloween: Hero Worship

I love drawing and writing about the younger players on the team. They're the funnest to do because I think of them as wide eyed children just amazed at the world around them. This is one of the examples why. Now Wily Mo Pena is dressed as Big Papi because, quite frankly, he wants to be Big Papi. I imagine him with Big Papi footy pajamas cuddling a stuffed Papi(seriously, the Red Sox are sittign on a goldmine here) while watching a tape of the 2004 ALCS. As for Paps, he is Timlin, who has quite a cult following of youngsters that relaly look up to him. I would've had Manny Del here in this spot(given he seems to have a bit of a mancrush on Timlin) but I couldn't pass up Manny Del as Michael Jackson. So Paps gets the honor. I think of Paps and Timlin as a sort of father/son kinda dynamic. And Papel is all "I wanna be like my dad...I mean teammate Mike!" I mean he dresses like him in some instances, so just being him would be second nature! Oh and I had to do the helmet flip, or as my friend Nikole puts it "Ejecto Helmet!"


Red Sox Halloween: The Catchers

This is about Tek and Belli. Tek is Crash Davis form Bull Durham because....well...dude, if he HASN'T been Crash Davis for Halloween then I will be very disappointed in him. Also, it's his favorite movie and I hear he knows it verbatim. He had to be that. As for Belli as a Ghostbuster, I have this thought in my mind that Doug Mirabelli beneath that whole tough guy, stud who hits bombs, egotistical persona is a young teenaged boy just yearning to be a Ghostbuster. So needless to say, I had to do that one up. Though whenever I think of Ghostbusters I more think of a young me at age 2 jumping on the couch when I'd hear the theme song and yelling out "GHOST GA-GA's!" I was a strange child.

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A Red Sox Halloween: The Youngins

This one is basically featuring Jon Lester(hoping for a full recovery, regardless of how long it may take) and Manny Delcarmen. Now the Manny one was inspired by a mental image I had while hearing "Thriller" in the car on my way to school. Let's just say I'm never gonna listen to taht song ever again w/o thinking of Manny Delcarmen dancing to it. As for Lester as the Hamburglar. That kinda just was random. For some reason I can see him being the Hamburglar. *shrugs shoulders*


....Is that Piney's music?!

Yes boys and girls, I have returned with the artpad goodness. Thank god for Halloween busting my ass out of that really elongated creative slump. It was worse than Kevin Millar in the first half of 2004. I will supply your asses with teh goodness of the Artpaddings next entry. This one is just a big fat "I'M SORRY!" entry. I'm sorry that I hadn't gotten any done within the past month. Part of the reason being I'm busy with school and all that crazy bull. Another thing is that I had been a little stuck on what to do. Then Halloween comes and unlocks my brain thanks to a simple mental image of Manny Delcarmen dressed as Michael Jackson doing the Thriller Dance. Hooray mental pictures! :D

Yeah these next six(yes, six of them) are gonna be Halloween related.

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