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A collection of drawings made via Artpad usually about baseball, mostly Red Sox related, but sometimes is ventured outside of that realm.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

FAQ just for you

It's been a week or so since I opened this up and I thought it'd be appropiate to do up a bit of a FAQ thing for anybody whose curious.

First off, what is this all about?!

Well I'm glad you asked, this is just a collection of drawings I drew courtesy of the Artpad Painter. I never claimed I had great art skillz, I've seen people do things miles better than the stuff I've done on here, but I also rely on a sense of humor and current events in teh world of baseball, but mostly the Red Sox since a) they are my team and b) They're the ones I know the most about

So when did you start this shit up?

It was around December of 2005 when I came across the Artpad Painter thingie, about a year after I discovered it for reals. I just began to draw random Red Sox related things for a while just for shits and giggles for my friends and for my buddies on the Royal Rooters and Live Journal. I abandoned it for a couple months but picked it back up again around April or so, maybe even late March and have been doing it regularly since then. I was encouraged by a few friends to branch out into a blog, so thus here I'm at.

Why is this all Red Sox related?

Dude, the Red Sox are my team. I have love for some other MLB teams, but the Red Sox are what I know and what I see on an everyday basis. However, I do sometimes branch out into other teams and such, but not too often.

I have a request, do you take requests?

Why yes, yes I do. It may take a while or it may take an instant, but I do take requests adn I usually do my damndest to honor those requests.

Where do I send them to?

Send them to or just drop a line on my LJ or PM me on Royal Rooters. I do have a few players I don't really like to draw up.

WTF w/ all the links?

I give propers like there's no tomorrow, kids. If I get an idea from something, I like to source it and I like to give credit where credit's due. And also they help further explain the ideas that have gotten into my head through the benefit of friends/family/what I read in the newspaper

Piney, you're cracked out and need to get a life.

Yeah, I know I know, I hear it all the time. I take pride in my cracked out-ness. And my life...well I'm starting to get's gonna be a while since baseball season eats up most of my life.

So who are your favorite players?

This is gonna end up in three division...just gonna do a top 5(no actual order) in each one

Red Sox: David Ortiz, Tim Wakefield, Adam Stern, Alex Cora, Manny Ramirez...I could go on but that wouldn't be nice

MLB: Bronson Arroyo(Reds), Paul Konerko(White Sox), Edgar Renteria(Braves), Ted Lilly(Blue Jays), Orlando Cabrera(Angels)

All-Time: Luis Tiant(Red Sox), Hank Aaron(Braves), Larry Walker(Expos/Rockies/Cardinals), Johnny Pesky(Red Sox), Roger Maris(Royals/Yankees/Cardinals)

Are you one of those pink-hat wearing casual fan bitches?

Oh hellll no! Let me just say for teh record just because you wear a pink hat(which I'd never wear but I know a few who are actually pretty knowledgable) doesn't mean that you're a dumb fangirl. What makes you a dumb fangirl is that you're a fan of "Player X" more than "Team X" or "Baseball in itself" I pride myself in being a baseball fan first and foremost, THEN a Red Sox fan and THEN a "Player X" fan It's just the way I roll

And now that you know how I roll, hopefully you'll comment and gimme feedback because Feedback=awesome! :D