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Friday, June 16, 2006

Lester and the Dinner Date

I forgot where I read or heard it, I think it was on NESN but Tito had Lester and Beckett fly ahead of the team to Atlanta and wanted Josh to "take Lester out to dinner" Now me thinks that both are single guys probably wanting to have a little fun along the way(well I THINK Lester is single...I could be wrong). So methinks they went to The Gold Club....I mean, it's only natural, right? Now I doubt Lester had this kind of innocent reaction, he more likely than not got his mack on, but I like the innocent angle...and Josh probalby went back to the hotel in frustration about not getting any cuz Lester was such a dork. :P

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Papi's Kitchen

Little known(yet true!) fact about David Ortiz, he likes to cook. He is pretty good at it too, from what I hears. But you should all know this anyway if you have the Faith Rewarded DVD, there's a segment with Papi and Sam Horn where Papi's making food for him. He actually says the line, and I think he was addressing Tom Caron "If you don't got any flava, stay out of my kitchen!" And I mean it's not like the usual "burgers and fries" fare either...he likes a lot of like healthy and exotic foods which is awesome on my list(and I'd love to try that seafood salad that it talked about in that linkage) I think seriously, the Jimmy Fund(and if Ortiz wants to do it too) should have an auction or something or a contest to "Win a Chance ot have Dinner with Ortiz" or'd make mad money for one thing and also Ortiz can cook :D well if he wants to. But yeah I'm rambling so I'll STFU right now and leave you be.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Flowers for Tito

This was loosely inspired by this Dugout on Tito, but also inspired by the hilarious mental image of Manny picking flowers for teammates. I'd like to think that he broke into somebody's yard and picked the flowers like...hardcore picking like brought up the roots with it. And Tito would just be confused and go "" Despite Tito being a hesitant about putting rookies in tense situations(he's still scarred from teh Cla Meredith fiasco in 05) I still like him and I still think he's a pretty good manager. Emphasis on PRETTY GOOD.

Tavarez' Punishment

Last night's game was a good game, a helluva pitcher's duel until the 12th inning. Then Julian Tavarez decided to ruin everybody's nights(except for Twins fans) and cough it up. Now the logical thought would be that Timlin would take him behind the shed and shoot him. Or at least bow and arrow his ass. But then again, I think Boomer sitting on Tavarez is far worse than anything Timlin could do. Also, I can't draw Jon Lester to save my life. And for all ya'll who come here and are like "Dude, these pictures are pretty crude looking" I know people with far better art skillz than me...I just add in a sense of humor. :P

Monday, June 12, 2006

The Downside of Rookiedom

Per the request of Empy who wanted to see a picture of the younger guys making Lester put on the infamous pink backpack (picture courtesy of Fire Brand of the American League a blog which is fantastic forever) that all the rookies had to put up with. Lester, thinking that they'd empathize, complains. As for what Manny Del is talking about, I point you to this picture of the rookie hazing at the end of the year(which I'm sure that the others will have to go through) You all got requests too, just comment or email...hell you can even just PM me if you're on RR.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Trot's Emo Eyeblack

Have you ever really noticed Trot Nixon's eyeblack these days? It looks like his mascara is running after listening to The Cure, so thus this artpad. Pretty lame, but whatever. I don't really have much else to add since everything I wanted to say was kinda shorted out due to David Ortiz being...well....David Ortiz. Amazing amazing walkoff. Dayum....