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A collection of drawings made via Artpad usually about baseball, mostly Red Sox related, but sometimes is ventured outside of that realm.

Friday, August 18, 2006

It's a Team Effort

I did this last night but I haven't had a good chance to work on anymore artpads after this one. I was listening to "The Weight"-The Band and I kept having this image of the Red Sox trying to repair a wall and painting it, working together on it. Players I drew up, Papi, Lowell, Cora, Papelbon, Loretta. For the most part.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Manny Being Manny, like usual

Per the request of Alexandra. She wanted one of Manny blowing bubbles. That was too adorable for me to pass up. Thus I did it up. Manny and Wily Mo are like little children sometimes, I freakin' love it. :D Now if only they could start winning and stop sucking! That would be greatly appreciated.

Mike Timlin: Heartbreaker

Yeah I've tended to notice lately that a lot of my artpads seem to lean on the side of the gay. As a disclaimer, no, I don't think they're gay at all. Sometimes I wonder about SOME players(*cough*Millar*cough*) but I know all in all they're most likely not. But anyways, mancrushes exist regardless, and I have a theory that Manny Delcarmen has one on Mike Timlin. thus this artpad. And yes, I know I have issues :P

Freel's Special Friend

Ryan Freel admitted he has an imaginary friend named Farney. No word of a lie. Farney is in his head and he talks to him all the time. Ryan, the men in the white coats are your friends. I kid I kid, but anyways, this more of a what his teammates think. Poor Bronson, everybody thinks he's nuts but Freel is legitimately nuts. :P I kid, Freel ain't half bad.

Mirabelli and the locker stuffing

This is fufilling 2 requests. One was of Dougie eating chicken parm. The other of Dougie stuffing Javy("Javy, Hovey, Hoovey") Lopez into a locker. It's that simple. Belli doesn't like when people assume he does stuff, even if he actually did do it. And the chicken parm thing? Well if you haven't read the Dougie Diaries then you, my friend, are missing out. But if people are hear under the age of 15, dont' read it. Not suitable for youngins.

Papi, Papel, and the Lobsters from Maine

This is per the request of my pal Emily. This is a two parter. Was originally a 1-parter, but per the request of the always fabulous CN, I put a second part in because it was too good to pass up. As you may or may not know, Papi was given 41 lobsters by the state of Maine along w/ some road directions. When the video and quotes came from the said incident, Papelbon seemes ESPECIALLY interested in the lobsters. If he wasn't smart enough to know not to steal from Papi, this is likely what would happen. Complete with nose pinching.

Jew Crew 2006

Disclaimer: I am not anti-Semetic at all. I may be called "Mel" by everybody, but my last name sure as hell isn't Gibson. But anyways, this is the Jew Crew 2006. And yes, Craig Breslow is indeed Jewish. I know I'm missing Adam Stern but 1) He's in Pawtucket right now(no he hasn't been traded yet, likely by the end of the season, however) and 2) I didn't have room. So my bad to the Adam Stern fans who read this(yes there are Adam Stern fans, I'm one of them actually)

Kevin Youkilis in....Braveheart

First off, to fully understand this, you must know 1) Watch This and 2) Know that Mel Gibson had his whole anti-Semetic episode while drunk and such. Also, anybody who HASN'T seen this video, GO NOW! DO NOT WAIT! EVEN IF YOU ARE NOT A RED SOX FAN!! Funny ass shit, to say the least. Braveheart my ass. Anyways this came as a result of that commentary. And now whenever Youks makes a good play I'm gonna probably end up yelling out "MEL GIBSON, EAT YOUR HEART OUT!!!" :P or "BRAVEHEART MY ASS!!" I also highly reccommend seeing it also solely the reactions of Remy and Orsillo.

Baseball's Future is in Good Hands

This is for my pals Leanne and Pam. They love David Wright and Jonathan Papelbon and Leanne asked me to do up an artpad featuring the two. I do stand by this title though, because I think these two are great ambassadors to the future of baseball. At least that's what I think. *shrugs shoulders* But anyways enjoy!

Joe Maddon and his Mancrush

Joe Maddon, as you may not know, is the manager of the Devil Rays. Also, is the creator of the "3-4" shift, one of the most bizarro David Ortiz shifts ever. Needless to say, he has a big giant mancrush on Ortiz. He never seems to shut up about him when the Rays and Sox play against each other and then this little snippet which takes the cake (go under Sweet Smell of Success) about him sending him a little note and buying him a cologne cuz Ortiz complimented it. Nothing wrong w/ the mancrush though, I mean all of New England has one, so really nothing much to it. Just is funny that a manager of THE OTHER TEAM shares it too.