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Saturday, January 20, 2007

Manny and his New Workout Regime

Okay I confess, I drew this only because the thought of Manny in a tutu cracked me up. That's Tito and Papi talking. I almost used an exchange that was also used in the Dugout where Tito was "How can..." and Papi goes "Don't ask me the questions I don't know the answers to". But that had to do with the elliptical machine somehow bearing resemblance to the Quaker Oatmeal Guy. But plagarism sucks, so I didn't :) Just Manny Being Manny.

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One Time in Boston...

Whenever I hear about Bronson in Cincinatti, he's always waxing poetic on his time in Boston. I keep getting this feeling that Bronson is like the Band Camp Girl on American Pie except substitute Band Camp with Boston. And yes, he's about just as much a nympho, according to the pictures that floated around. I just seem him talking all about Boston nonstop to teh point of his teammates wanting to shut him up. Add in Gonz' arriving, and methinks those two are gonna piss off everybody else on the team with their Boston Love. Ohhh good times, good times. But this is just my opinion

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The Waiting is the Hardest Part

This is self explanatory. Kinda lame, but I'm getting back into the swing of things w/ the artpads. This was originally meant to be Papelbon looking at his calendar and getting all pissed off, but then I started to add a wintry setting and because Papelbon isn't one of my best drawn players, it became just some silly fan. And honestly, I'm getting kinda antsy because I'm not really into football and

But the good news for Red Sox fans is that there are about 27 or so days until Pitchers and Catchers Report. :D I'll try to do a countdown of some sort by player number or some ish. Oh the title of this is from the song "The Waiting"-Tom Petty and the heartbreakers

Friday, January 19, 2007

Bill Mueller: One of 25

Yes. I am back. Yeah I was hoping to be back by Thanksgiving but finals + socialization kinda got me all out of whack with everything. My bad folks. But I return with one of the "One of 25 Series" This is Bill Mueller. Mueller is one of the unsung heroes of the 2004 season, IMO, the catalyst of the entire season. He saved the season not once, but THREE times. Once in early July when the Red Sox blew a 7 run lead but then won on a walkoff double. The second time...the Brawl Game. That's all that needs to be said. Teh final time was during the playoffs. We all know the series of events by heart. He retired this year so I say good luck to him and I hope he's happy with his career :)

Oh and I joined the MLB Bloggers network. So if you come via there, Hey! I'm not like all wound up in mad art skillz but I'm not half bad. Even with manual drawing too!

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