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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Untold Stories from the 2006 Season: Tagged and Marked

Ever gotten drunk and passed out and had peopel write on you? Yeah. That's what this is all about. Simple concept, interesting results, and some gay innuendo. Has this actually happened? Nahhh. But it's still fun to think about. I'm a total jerk to Beckett in my artpads I have come to notice. My bad Beckett, I like you and all, but I think of you as a cocky pottymouthed hothead....but you're probably a cool guy anyway. Oh and panel 1 was supposed to be a lampshade

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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Manny Del and Papelbon go on the Bumper Boats

Honestly, I've had no attention span today. This idea came to me thanks to the always fabulous Brandee who came up w/ an idea of Manny Del and Papel mini-golfing. Now my mind wandered over towards the Bumper Boats, as they are very popular with people in Adventureland(minigolf place in my town) Also, the idea of Manny Del falling into the bumper boat pool is based on a true story. Didn't happen to me though.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

The Greatest Bedtime Story Ever

For some reason if this actually did happen, I wouldn't be too suprised. I think Tim Wakefield(or Gabe Kapler) would be awesome storybook readers. I mean, I think they'd totally do all the voices and stuff. Oh and David Ortiz too! I'd so want them to read me a story. Or have Bronson Arroyo sing me a lullabye...okay well the lullabye may never happen because I'd probably wanna do inappropriate things to him(as long as he is all sterilized) but the idea still stands. Also, Wily Mo has a stuffed Big Papi, in my world. And honestly, I'm seriously considering putting whatever lack of sewing skills I have to work and making one. Even if it's just for myself. :P Annnd five seconds after I type this I come across a PSA w/ the Manning family involving bedtime stories.

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Mike Timlin Mancrush Anonymous

This is a simple concept. Mike Timlin seems to have the admiration of a lot of people. Most notably Jonathan Papelbon(notice the subconscious imitation there), Manny Delcarmen, and Craig Hansen. Also, Mike Myers and Alan Embree seem to like him quite a bit too. I mean, with the youngins, it seems they all seem to be wearing the camo underneath their shirts, just like their idol. Also I like to think that they all meet every month to try to 12-step the mancrush portion of their admiration...or at least gossip about Timlin. As I've addressed before, a lot of my artpads seem to err towards the side of the ghey, which I say it's all in good natured ribbing. Do they really have mancrushes? Who knows. Let me have my fun dammit!

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Derek Lowe: Breakdancing Expert

This one...well I dunno I just imaging Derek Lowe seeming to be really into the 80's hip-hop scene knowing every song and breakdancing like nobody's business. Also, I saw a picture of him w/ a Kangol hat on once so I'm kinda like inspiried by that. Also, I can never get DLowe's hair color right. It's like a blonde, reddish, brown tint. Despite all of this, if there ever is a movie about the 2004 Red Sox(there's actually a rumor that there'll be a miniseries produced on HBO about them) Derek Lowe MUST be played by Owen Wilson. That is all.