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A collection of drawings made via Artpad usually about baseball, mostly Red Sox related, but sometimes is ventured outside of that realm.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Guy Love: Mets Baseball Version

If you haven't seen the Scrubs Episode, "My Musical", then you are missing out BIG TIME. It's basically Scrubs in musical form. Anyways, the best song of the musical is a little ditty about the special friendship of JD and Turk, who act more like a married couple than Turk and his own wife. Anyways, my pal Jim wanted to see Wright + Reyes = <3 and well, I think this works. Who would star in the Red Sox' version? If it was 2004, no doubt it'd be Manny and Millar. However, this year, I think it'd be......Beckett and Papelbon, perhaps? IT could be anybody on the team.

Coco and Lowell's Bad Day

This is inspired by Lowell's postgame reaction to his 3-error night on the second game of the season. The basic story is that Lowell was eating an ice cream sandwich to cheer himself up, like comfort food. So then came the imagery of Lowell and Coco, who I always seem to like to see together kinda like Statler and Waldorf on the Muppets, all snarky and stuff. Well this time, they're more effeminate, eating ice cream in their pajamas and watching Lifetime. I can't help it, I just had to do it. Though I'm sure this is what Orlando Hudson does after a bad day(he admitted to watching Lifetime before!).

Schilling's Big Mouth and Hinske's Remorse

No, boys and girls, you are not just seeing things. I am actually back with more artpads. It's shocking, I know. But I kinda felt that with the new season full steam ahead and a long break time to not only just get my head straight after last November(personal ish) but to also perfect the drawing of Matsuzaka, which still needs some help, and to get more ideas. I got a few with the help of some friends. Anyways, this first one was requested from my good pal Patti, who was amused at the whole scene in the dugout today of Matsuzaka listening to Schilling talk and such. This is a two parter with part one being Matsuzaka grumbling and Schilling blabbing on. Part two is the remorse of Eric Hinske leaving him there. Anyways, good to be back. Oh and I was experimenting a bit of some fonts since I need to add my own now because the stupid thing gives the boring ass Arial font.