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A collection of drawings made via Artpad usually about baseball, mostly Red Sox related, but sometimes is ventured outside of that realm.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Stud Who Slides on the Tarp

This is the combination of two things. The first being the suggestion by NU for having Belli instead of Tek sliding on the tarp. The other thing is in tribute to the hilarious and always amusing Doug Mirabelli diaries created on SoSH(WARNING: Dougie Diaries not appropriate for youngins who may stumble their way here(well to begin with, about 50% of these artpads may not be appropriate for youngins due to profanity)). Oh and the earthquake quip is more kinda in light of the fact that Belli is slow and fat and runs like a rhinocerous on a tether.

Tek in the Rain

In light of the recent rainouts, I thought about drawing a picture of a Red Sox player sliding on the tarp, but I didn't want to do like Manny who I can easily see doing that, I thought about doing the most serious, and unlikely candidate to go sliding on the tarp. It was debated here and there, but I finally decided on Tek. Thus this picture. Besides, who WOULDN'T wanna see Tek slide on the tarp?

Friday, May 12, 2006

Cause cookie cookie cookie starts with C!

This is in tribute to the Great Red Sox Cookie Off of 2006. In case you don't know what the hell this is about, it's one of the most cracked out, random, and altogether hilarious bits of television ever, well if you're a Red Sox fan. I recommend you all check it out, and pretty soon you'll find your asses quoting every other thing. The highlight of this said video, at least in my own opinion, is probably Trot Nixon doing the Cookie Monster impression. Though Gabe Kapler and Dan Roche's little "cookie vs brownie" bitchfight is pretty great too. And for all of you who know of it and want to know the story, Dan Roche wrote about it in his blog. The lesson here? Don't mess with Trot's cookies.

Jim Ed and the Broken Bat

I drew this per the request of Dewey Rice, or DR, over at Royal Rooters He wanted a picture of Jim Rice, thus I drew this out. Once again, not entirely accurate but I try. Oh and if you guys want, feel free to comment and to leave requests, I'll try to get around to them when I can. I don't bite, I promise!

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Splish Splash I Was Takin' a Bath!

I wanted to do a Mike Lowell one for a while now. I had an idea of doing a play on Mr. Double nickname and Mr. Bubble, but I had no idea where to go with it until Manny Ramirez came to mind. Thus this picture.


Ninja mojo used Batman for their mojo leader....I suddenly came up with a mental image to end all mental images....Manny Ramirez in a batman costume singing the Batman theme song. :D

In light of the Ninja Mojo going on at the time, I made a drawing of Red Sox players as ninjas

Dmitri Young, that troublemaker

At the request of my friend Alex, I drew this for her, for she's a Tigers fan. :) Dmitri Young is about to give a pie to the face of Ivan Rodriguez. Oh noes!

Nobody ever suspects the butterfly

Quote taken from the Simpsons. Basically all about Timmy Wakes and the trail of the knuckler

Cinco De Mayo!

I drew this on Cinco de Mayo solely because Manny in a sombrero=LOL

No no, Miguel, you're out!

One of the funniest non-brawl moments from 2004 regular season except for maybe after Youks' first career HR where he imaginary high-fived everybody or Trot Nixon wrasslin' Bobblehead Pedro(but I was at the game so I didn't see it much). I think Cairo's reaction puts it over the top.

We work hard, we play hard

Yeah this was a pretty silly ass slogan I got via The Simpsons, and kinda violently gay, but shhh. Yeah that's Adam Stern making that catch and yes, I know he's in Pawtucket but shush. He's my Canadian questionably nonsexual babydaddy. And also that game saving catch he made vs Tampa rocked my sox! :P

Doug Mirabelli #28

I did this in tribute to the return of Belli. Never before have I seen people so pumped up about a backup catcher. My mom was on vacation w/ my dad and their friends and she like was dancing all around the casino when she found out via ESPN(She's a HUGE Mirabelli fan). Yeah I have him getting verklempt but I promise next Belli related one, he'll be eating chicken parm and calling Willie Harris a pussy every three seconds.

Corny Jokes with Better Answers

Okay lemme explain this one. One of my friends D and I were talking online and she was telling a whole collection of corny jokes. So I'm trying to guess them and I suck really badly at these things, and the last joke she tells me is this one:

D: What is brown and sticky?
Me: *thinks for a while, then says abruptly and loudly* MANNY RAMIREZ EATING COTTON CANDY!!
D: *pauses*, but I like that answer much better. The answer is actually a stick.

So of course, I had to draw it out because Manny Ramirez is my Artpad muse. I don't mean anything bigoted or racist by this though. It was just a corny joke with a goofy ass answer

Da Meat!

Dmitri Young is one of my favorite ballplayers out there today. Why? I have no clue but I think it has to do with the fun he has playing the game and also that he just seems like an awesome dude to chill out with.


The whole "Airplang!" thing is courtesy of the always amusing The Dugout, which I highly recommend if you're a baseball fan and you like random humor

Manny does the "Airplang!" around Fenway Park, confusing a fellow teammate

Manny shows off his "Airplang!" dance to Varitek whose slightly confused

Jonathan Papelbon #58

Let me just say for the record I suck at drawing Jonathan Papelbon, but I did what I could.

Player Portrait

Papelbon on guitar=probably not too pretty sounding

Wakefield and the Mirabelli trades

This is a two parter. I drew the first one in December of 05 upon news of the Mirabelli trade. The second part I drew the day of the Mirabelli reacquisition.

December 8, 2005: Wakefield reacts to the Mirabelli trade

May 1, 2006: Wakefield reacts to the Mirabelli re-acquisition

Spaz Wake: The Artpad

Wakefield scoring all the way from first base in that game vs the Cubs back in June of 05 was hands down one of the funniest things I've ever seen. Not because he scored all the way from first, but if you could see the running motion on replay....holy shit I was on the floor laughing when I saw it...he was fucking jitterbugging as he rounded for home. And we all thought Doug Mirabelli sucked at baserunning....Anyways, this is just a loose interpretation of his baserunning and this is also noted as one of my favorite Artpads I've ever done

Two Trot Nixon Artpads

I have two Trot Nixon related ones here. One is just a portrait of Trot, and the other is goofing on his explosive personality.

Trot Nixon #7

Warning: Product extremely flammable

The Steal

I feel like I didn't do "The Steal" justice, but I did what I could. Dave Roberts will never ever pay for anything in this town, thanks to his heroics. He was like a fox ninja of sorts. Just coming into Boston at the nick of time to help this team win, and then going off on his own way.

Cal Ripken, Jr.

I got a couple friends who are O's fans, so I drew this per the request of one of them. Ripken is one of the few players out there that I really respect. He's a helluva player, and also this is like one few times I actually drew eyes because how could I leave out Ripken's eyes?

Respect the Eck!

Dennis Eckersley is probably my second favorite pitcher all-time, my favorite being Luis Tiant. I love watching this guy pitch and he's even a lot more fun with quotes, I mean he's the reason why I call Octavio Dotel "Gas Masterson" The Eck is the coolest.

Psycho Fight

This is a dream brawl if there ever was one. Kyle Farnsworth vs Milton Bradley. I dunno who I'd root for, but I would fully enjoy the entire fight as it ensues.

Papi Love: The Montage!

Gotta have a montage sometimes.....yeah I drew these of David Ortiz

Everybody loves Big Papi

If I could get one hug from Big Papi in my lifetime, I would be happy

Greatest Clutch Hitter in Red Sox History? You damn right, bitches!

Holiday Themes in May?! You're crazy, girl!

Here's two Christmas related pictures involving David Ortiz dressed as Santa Claus because I want my mall Santa to be David Ortiz!

The first one features Bronson Arroyo as an elf

The second one is with Tim Wakefield giving his wish list to Papi(this was drawn at the time Belli was traded away)

Oakland's Big Three circa 2003

The Big Three....oh how I hated the 2003 model of the Oakland A's. I despised them. Ramon Hernandez(my irrational mortal nemesis), Eric Chavez, Tim Hudson, Eric Byrnes, argh I hated them so friggin much. I did like Foulke kinda sorta. I was impressed by their talent and the pitching, but then Bill Beane treated the starting rotation like they were members of Menudo and by the time they hit 27, they were out. For the most part, at least. But anyways, a friend of mine is a fan of the A's thus I drew this for her.

On a clear night, you can almost see October

I drew this one in early 06 or so, as evidenced by Bronson Arroyo on the mound here

Mike Timlin #50

This is one of my simple ass player portrait pictures....this one is of Mike Timlin

It's just Manny being Manny....

This is a three parter.....

First, Manny finds a butterfly net and goes around trying to catch butterflies

Next, Manny then accidentally nets himself a right fielder, in the form of Trot Nixon

And finally, as a token of apology(and without the Cheetos in his hair) Manny apologizes to Trot by making a macaroni drawing of himself and how can you not love a face liek that?

Manny and the Collector

I don't remember the article word for word, but it was courtesy of the Boston Globe and it talked about how a collector went to take a bunch of Manny's equipment but one thing he wouldn't let them have was a Kevin Millar-model first baseman's glove. Thus I drew it out wayyy back when in December

Chicks Dig the Kneesox

I don't think this need any further explanation

Hide your children, it's Julian Tavarez!

Every time he comes on the mound, I yell this out. It's habitual, really. Basically I come across as a big asshole here calling out Tavarez for being so fugly. But anyways, if he stops sucking, maybe I'll stop.....maybe

The Fever Pitch Premiere

Okay in case you didn't see the Fever Pitch premiere back in April of 05, there were a bunch of players there. Two such players were Tim Wakefield and David Ortiz. Well Wakefield, to say the least, he was a little...err....drunk I'd say. Okay maybe he wasn't but he sure acted like it. And this is just a loose interpretation of his 5 minutes on screen.

Reason Number 402 on Why You Don't Blow a Save on David Wells

This is the first artpad I ever drew, you can kinda tell by the rather simple way it looks. This came from a joke between some friends and I about how we imagined David Wells sitting on people if they blew his games for him.

Coffee + Cabby = Lotsa crazy

A 2004 throwback related picture: Just a what if involving exactly what would happen if somebody gave Orlando Cabrera coffee before Game 5 of the ALCS

A Hanukkah related one

Further proof on why I can't draw Gabe Kapler to save my life

Bronson and his fangirls: 2005

I started doing these Artpads in December of 2005 so some of them are rather inaccurate, such as this one which I drew of Bronson Arroyo and his PG version of the reaction to the fangirls. The regular version...errr....yeah we've seen the pictures :P Regardless of his whoring, he was my boy through and through and I sure miss the hell out of him.

Baseball is a love

This was drawn before Opening Day 2006 inspired by this well done Art Martone article on ProJo which closed with the quote said by Bryant Gumbel which I put on here

The A-Rod Squeeky

This first one came courtesy of a friend of mine and I having a running joke about Trot Nixon and a squeaky toy that looked like A-Rod. From this said joke, came this Artpad

The Beginning....

Yeah so, I've been doddling w/ the Artpad a lot posting on my LJ and on Royal Rooters, so upon the encouragement of a few peoples, I decided to try to make the jump out here into Blog Land at least for the Artpad related stuff. For all the others, don't fret, I'll still post them there as well, this is just more of a public realm :P

Quickie About the Artist: I'm just a 21 year old college girl from RI. Everybody calls me Piney, and I like to draw(as you can see) and I love baseball. I'm a huge Red Sox fan, but I enjoy all aspects of the game, and I can appreciate a good game whether it be Red Sox/Yankees or just Angels/Pirates. Yeah I'm actually a girl, though I've been told many times I write like a dude.

Anyways, hope you all enjoy the artpaddings...