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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

On an Official Hiatus

Due to unforseen circumstances, Pine Fresh Shenanigans: The Artpad Files will be on hiatus until at least Thanksgiving. There's been some things that have happened within my family and honestly, I'm not really in the mood to be doing them up right now. Thanks for understanding and I should be back around Thanksgiving or so.

Take care!

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Monday, November 13, 2006

Ken Rosenthal at the Winter Meetings

In case you don't know, Ken Rosenthal is a columnist for Last year during the winter meetings, he seemed to have all the big scoops way before anybody else. Anyways the always fabulous CN and I had a running joke that Rosenthal would hide in the closets of certain GMs and be all vouyeristic and overhear all the deals and stuff. And because everybody probably gossips about everybody else, I think Rosenthal only really needs to stay in at least one closet. And yes, my mind is very cracked.

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Papi and the Thanksgiving Phone Calls

As I've said before, Papi can cook. I'd like to think that he gets called on a constant basis by teammates about cooking tips for Thanksgiving. And yes, I know Papi is Dominican but his wife is from Wisconsin, so methinks he's celebrated Thanksgiving before. Also, I love the thought of his teammates/former teammates calling him up and asking him for tips and he's all like helpful and comes through for them in the clutch, just like he does on the field :)

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Gary Sheffield and his Negociating Tactics

I drew this the day before Sheffield got traded to the Tigers. I read an article about a pissed off Gary Sheffield staking out Steinbrenner at an IHOP. I'd like to think that the negociation process went a little like this. Steinbrenner, I hear has a bit of an affinity for pancakes and this certain IHOP. Simple and to the point.

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