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A collection of drawings made via Artpad usually about baseball, mostly Red Sox related, but sometimes is ventured outside of that realm.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Like a Family...

My friend Becky wanted me to do up a picture of Manny being sick and Papi taking care of him but I wasn't sure exactly how to do it up. I kept thinking of an angle and inspiration struck me in the form of Wednesday night's Red Sox/Blue Jays game and this entry on Cursed to First, which is an excellent blog btw. It got me to reading over this article from mid-May written by Tom Boswell about how the Red Sox are searching for an identity and thus inspiration struck. In a way, all three of these things showed me that this team looks out for each other and will back each other up. Kinda like the way family members do. They're all brothers to each other in that sense. Maybe a band of brothers perhaps. I used Papi and Wakefield because those two are basically(along with Varitek) the defining faces of the Red Sox. BTW that's a working title of the artpad...can't think of anything good :P

Farnsworth Blows the Save

Per the request of Alex, the Tigers fan I'm friends with, I did up this one. I did up a couple other Tiger related ones too as well. In light of tonight's walkoff win off of everybody's favorite Dugout nemesis, Kyle Farnsworth, she wanted me to do up a pic of Farnsworth blowing the save and the Tigers walking off and winning the game. While I didn't appreciate the first three games being suckular, I can take it and take the half game lead :D So thanks Tigers :D Oh an dthe sad Yanks are very rudimentary looking, but I'm sure you should all know which one is A-Rod

Gabe Kapler # 44

He may be just a backup outfielder, whose out with an injury right now(a pretty brutal one, IMO) but what Gabe Kapler has done for the Red Sox on and off the field has been nothing short of phenomenal. Not to mention he's an absolute prince of a human being in many ways. I can't wait till he gets better and is playing for the team again, partially also because they'll play the Welcome Back Kotter theme song. He's been like a sort of weird form of a spirtual leader for the team, everybody's friend and confidant. I don't talk much about Gabe, but I think he's one of the most eloquent speakers and loyal teammates one can have on their team. I mean his fellow teammates can't say enough about him. Also, he's got quite teh sense of humor too, as evidenced by The Great Red Sox Cookie-Off :D And also, from this girl's POV(yes I am a girl in case some of you mistake me for a dude), he's got a pretty rockin' body. (warning for men: Clicking that may make you 15% more gay). Also, I can't draw Gabe for crap

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Stop! Papi Time!

Sometimes the things you come across while looking up other things are just so much better of results. I was trying to find some stuff about Papi cooking, and I came up with some profile thing in which he said the one person he wants to meet is, of all damn people, MC Hammer. Now this amused me and made me just HAVE TO draw up something of Papi as MC Hammer. And you KNOW that he does this when he's drunk. Papi + MC Hammer=LOL I think that's the best I'm putting here. Yeah I don't have anything else. I did laugh as I was drawing this too.

BTW, feel free to give feedback in the comments section, I appreciate feedback and if you have a request, drop a line.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Manny Meets Jack Bauer

I got a request from one of my RR buddies, Liz, to do something relating to Manny being Manny and the TV show 24. First off I apologize because I dont' know a crapload about 24 even though I know damn well I should probably check it out for it is riveting television. Well anyways I began to think it over, and suddenly I realized how much Kiefer Sutherland and Curt Schilling look alike. Quite honestly, this would probably actually happen too. As for Schilling being in fear of Bauer, well, I think some people need to be educated on Jack Bauer. All people fear Jack Bauer. Well except Manny.

Happy Birthday Manny Ramirez

Today is Manny Ramirez' birthday, and if I didn't do an artpad on it, I'd fail at life. I tried to do an "Airplang Cake" but unfortunately, it turned out looking like I drew it while my dog was nudging me endlessly. In the background are some teammates singing Happy Birthday to him. And yes, the cake is made by Papi, because Papi is a pimp in the kitchen. Now if only tonight's game will be a fantastic birthday celebration....make it happy Manny by being Manny! :D

Monday, May 29, 2006

Matt Clement's Safety Precautions

Clement, well yes he's been sucktastic and the Blue Jays make him pee his pants in fear and fall into a heap of emo. But that being said, he has this habit of being hit with liners, and whenever htat happens, it seems to throw him off his groove and he gets all falling into that damned heap of emo. Matt Clement is Screech from Saved By the Bell. They all love him, but he's such a freaking nerd sometimes. As for Manny on the side over there? Oh come on, like you don't wanna see Manny playing with bubble wrap? He probably would do that too!