Pine Fresh Shenanigans: The Artpad Files

A collection of drawings made via Artpad usually about baseball, mostly Red Sox related, but sometimes is ventured outside of that realm.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

The Secret Ambition of Mark Loretta and Alex Gonzalez

Double Play Partners. Teammates. Brothers in Blues. Yes, this is the longtime secret ambition of Mark Loretta and Alex Gonzalez. They wanna travel together on a mission from God(or in some cases, David Ortiz) spreading the good word and the good blues. Gonz would be more of the Elwood role, with harmonica in check. Loretta, well he'd be the lead singer, cuz, why not? Right? Exactly. And yes, I know I'm cracked out.

Wily Mo Pena's Saturday Morning Tea Parties

Wily Mo Pena seems to idolize Big Papi. He's been quoted as saying, on his clutch hitting, "I wanna learn how to do that" and he, to me, just seems like a big kid in general. He's harmless but he can be a little childish sometimes, even more than Manny. But it's just flat out adorable. I can't hate him for being what we got in return for Bronson Arroyo cuz he's just too adorable. This came from another patented CN and Piney convo. Complete with pink plastic chairs, fake tea party, and Papi plushie. And if anybody from NESN or the Red Sox just so happens to lurk here, YOU'RE SITTING ON A GOLDMINE!!! But royalties would be greatly appreciated. And yes, he is wearing Big Papi footie pajamas, another thing that NESN or the Red Sox should relaly look into selling. Once again, royalties=appreciated :P

Pony Pizza

This is what happens when you get bored and you're watching a game, goofing off on the ongoing shenanigans. This was from last Monday's game(remember? The Papi walkoff?) well beforehand, while the team was batting, they kept showing shots of Nipper and Ralphy(I think that's the bullpen coach) going back and forth on the bullpen phone. Then they went to another phone. Well myself and the always fabulous CN were goofing off about it and thinking they were getting a pizza. This artpad is the result of what we goofed about. And I also hafta give credit to my pal Niki who inspired me to artpad it up :D


Yes, I know I have been horribly horribly not up to task on these artpads, and for that I greatly apologize. I combination of a creativity block and a lot of frustrations with my own drawings, I was able to scrape together a few, including this one. It's a reprise of the BATMAANNNGGG one I did back in May. It was more of a way to motivate myself to get more done. And this one has a singalong, though this new font kinda pisses me off, I miss the old goofy font. :(