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A collection of drawings made via Artpad usually about baseball, mostly Red Sox related, but sometimes is ventured outside of that realm.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Youk Shot the Sofa!

Ever heard the insult line "Nice shirt, who shot the sofa?!" well if you didn't it's the best burn you can put on somebody's fashion sense, IMO. Anyways, that is waht this is kinda based on. If you ever saw any pics of Youks out of uniform...his sense of style is....lacking. This also goes out to my Youk-hating friends. They know who they be. Yeah there people out there who hate Youkilis, I can kinda understand why....I like him as a player. As a person, well I haven't met him but from what I hear...not too enthused. But anyways, his fashion sense is awful and thus this artpad.

Congrats Tek!

Per the request of Lissa, and the fact that Tek has broken Carlton Fisk's record of the most games caught in a Red Sox uniform, I did this up in tribute. Tek's a helluva player and while I may not be too high on him sometimes, I appreciate what he does for the team and the pitching staff. And 991 games is a damn long time. Here's to Tek finding his swing within the next week or so...

Bronson and Papi at the All Star Game

Oh com'on folks, you know Bronson misses it here in Boston. Nothing against the Reds fans around here and such. I mean Cincy a fun place and all, but I just have this feeling that Bronson really does miss it in Boston. I just thought it'd be pretty funny to see Bronson try to convince Papi to take him along with him. And you know what? I think that Papi would seriously consider it...they'll hafta make up a story about Bronson getting on the wrong plane and then send over Kyle Snyder instead.

All Your Base Are Belong to Papi

Papi's stolen base cracked me up and I really had to draw something up relating to it. Granted, it's not top notch work(I dunno if anything can top Batmang!) but I did what I could. The phrase I used is an internet phenomena thanks to some enjoyably bad Engrish from a video game called Zero Wing. As we all know, it's "All your base are belong to us".

Bribery with Ponies

Okay boys and girls, I'm back and at it with the Artpaddings. I apologize for the superlong breakage. I was gonna do an All Star sorta thing but I kinda gave up on it cuz I got mad annoyed with it. Anyways...I'm back and at it again, I had a bit of a creative block but thanks to some friends and a few ideas coming into my mind, I'm back at it. This one I did up before Wakey went on the DL(hopefully he'll be okay) and when he was getting shit run support. It's kinda lame, I know, but mehh I did what I could. I apologize if they suck out loud.