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A collection of drawings made via Artpad usually about baseball, mostly Red Sox related, but sometimes is ventured outside of that realm.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Living Inside a Bubble

I got the Popemobile Go-Kart idea from the super fabulous Superdickery, basically showing how much of a dick Superman is. These injuries w/ the Red Sox have gotten mad ridiculous lately. Seriously, what the fuck? And also gotta keep in mind the whole stomach virus going around. God only knows who else is gonna get it. This is probably the best solution for both. :P

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Boomer Messes Around with the Rookie

This was a double challenge for me. For one thing, I wanted something to show the vast height differences between Kyle Snyder(6'8) and Dustin Pedroia(it says 5'8 but I think that's ultra generous, more like 5'5). The other was well, David Wells acting like Fat Bastard from the Austin Powers movies. I think he goofs around and does this time and time again in the clubhouse. At least in my mind, and let me have my dreams dammit! :P

Cheer up Manny!

Manny Ramirez is hurt, what can cheer up ol' hurt and ailing Manny? Well, Dustin Pedroia has an idea in the form of a chocolate chip, chocolate, pistachio triple scoop ice cream cone. I love drawing the rookies acting all innocent and childlike. Likeliness of them being that was is usually probably not that true, but you all shush yourselves and let me have my dreams, okay? This was also partially inspired by the Coca Cola ad w/ Mean Joe Green back in the 70's. I wonder if Manny would throw him his ice pack to keep or something. :P


Papelbon Tries to be Papi

Got the idea from the always fabulous CN who wanted to see some Papelbon "/tomfoolery" and came up with this idea. That's Timlin whose doing the *facepalm* there and it's funny to see webonyms or whatever they call it on artpads. :P It's just amusing.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Rookies and the Teacups

This is an Artpad Series, with help from my LJ buddies on the ideas. The funny isn't until the last panel really, unless if you enjoy Belli's blunt honesty :) oh and Papelbon would so never get sick on the Teacups, he'd just get a little woozy but disguise it as hyperactivity

Beckett's Torture

Yes I know I just realized it now that I misspelled "punishment" in which I apologize. Anyways this idea came to me because 1) I really hate that "It's a Small World" song and 2) this is the perfect form of torture for somebody who is sucking on the Red Sox. just tie them up, strap them in and put them on this ride on repeat. Now repeat after me "It's a small world after's a small world after's a small world after all, it's a small small world...." oh and yes in my world, the Leatherman from the Village People is apparently in the display :P

Wily Mo and Manny love the Dumbo Ride

This is part of the "Red Sox go to Disneyland" series I'm hoping to do up with each player on the roster. This idea came courtesy of Pam and Leanne whom were joking that Manny is out of the lineup cuz he got stuck on the Dumbo Ride. Then my brain somehow has equated it to Manny and Wily Mo having fun on the ride. Good times, good times. Very simple concept.


Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The Blackbird of Hope

This is one of those comic strip-esque things, like the one I did to that Art Martone quotage a while back. This one is to the poem "Hope"-Emily Dickinson, which has been stick in my head recently. I kinda converted it into a Red Sox version using a blackbird. Why a blackbird? Well if you saw the game after the trading deadline, there was that blackbird that came onto the field that was kinda hurt and stuff. So I used that blackbird as the pillar. Also on the episode of "Arthur" that featured Mike Timlin, Edgar Renteria, and Johnny Damon(*growls*), Mike Timlin recited the beginning of this poem. Link here to the clip that he does this, you haven't really lived until you've heard Timlin recite this poem :P

edit: Just to let you all know, I did the font on my Paint Shop Pro in which I screencap and paste it on, the other font kinda sucks to be honest

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Wily Mo and Manny enjoy some Sno-Cones

Per the request of my good buddy NU, I did up this artpad about Manny and Wily Mo enjoying some tasty Sno-Cones. Pretty simple explanation. In other news, rain delays suck ass, expect some rain related artpads coming up or more Red Sox Superhero ones.


Kyle Snyder, the Greatest American Hero

This one came to me randomly, I think it's because I had the theme song stuck in my head. I remembered the floppy blonde hair, and suddenly BINGO! Kyle Snyder. Also add in the fact that the two of them both have the power, but just don't know exactly how to use it effectively. They both have trial and errors, but all in all are very good. Thus Kyle Snyder is the Greatest American Hero. And this theme song is the best theme song ever, I will not argue this.

Coco Crisp is The Flash

Or Flash Gordon, whichever way you wanna put it. Coco Crisp is fast. So is the Flash. This was an obvious choice. My friend Sarah helped me come up with this one mainly because she wanted to see how Coco filled out in the Flash costume, in which, dude I don't blame her. Coco is quite adorable, if I say so myself :) Adorable not in the Wily Mo Pena childlike sense, but adorable in the I just wanna cuddle with him and have hot chocolate. :D Not in the pervy sense!

Super Papi

David Ortiz is simply his own superhero. I demand Super Papi cartoons on the television sometime in 2007. Oh and stuffed Big Papis. Dude you're sitting on a goldmine here, NESN. It'd be the best ever, and I can even be nicely hired for a good sum of money to draw them up! Of course, do what you will, NESN. I'm just saying, it'll be amazing for you revenue. But anyways, Ortiz in a cape=awesome as well.

Wily Mo Robin

Every superhero has a sidekick. Manny Ramirez, as I've said before is BATMANNNG, so whose the Robin to his Batman? Well none other than Wily Mo Pena. And once Wily Mo comes into his own and grows up, he'll morph into Nightwing, just as Dick Grayson did. :) Holy Bombs Batmang1

Just your Friendly Neighborhood Second Baseman

Mark Loretta--he was basically born to be Spiderman. He's dorky looking, kinda nerdy(he collects watches!!), rather average but cute. He's basically Peter Parker, even down to the girl first name for a last name. He's just your friendly neighborhood second baseman, doing things that a spider can :D

Mike Lowell is Superman

This one was the easiest one to do up in the Red Sox Superhero Series. If anybody had seen the Orioles series at all, you should know that Mike Lowell somehow withstood a pitch that hit his head and not only that but basically was nothing short of fantastic forever after that...well at least for that series. So Lowell is Superman because of that.

Vance and Pudge Celebrate Extension!

For my Tiger buddy Alex, who wanted an artpad about Pudge and Vance Wilson celebrating Vance's new 2-year contract extension. Thus, I drew this up. I kinda like the Tigers and if the Red Sox continue to suck and don't make it to the playoffs, I think I'll cheer on the Tigers to go all the way. I did have them pegged for teh AL Central...but that was in 05. I was a year off, so what? :P

The De-Nippling!

Not sure if anybody remembers this in 2005, but in late in the season when Foulke was off the DL(*gasp*) for the brief like 3 week stint off the DL, he pitched vs the Jays. Anyways he hit Eric Hinske with a pitch and Hinske was quoted as saying "He nearly took my nipple off" anyways one year later, they're both on the team...and methinks Hinske still remembers the near de-nippling. :P Props to Jeffrey for reminding me of this.

Keith Foulke #29

Foulke never gets his due. He's known as "surly, arrogant, and not caring about baseball" but you know what? Fuck them. Foulke is one of the main reasons why the Red Sox were able to overcome that 0-3 hole in 2004. He was nothign short of amazing and pitched his ass off. Honestly, nobody should ever boo Foulke. I hope he kicks ass down the stretch and gives the Red Sox teh boost they need and a collective "Fuck you" to the fans who booed him.

Schilling is....Wonder Womannnnnn

First off, I apologize for this and for all the lunches that were lost due to this picture. This is part of the Red Sox Superheroes series. Why is Schilling, of all people, Wonder Woman? Well I think my friend Sarah said it best here

"Schilling is totally Wonder Woman- the preachy princess type, who is still totally capable of getting it done. Also, he would clearly be the type to wear that outfit."

And that? Is why she rocks at life. :D I'll be doing up a lot more of these in due time. And also, this looks nothing like Schilling. Oh and his main weapon? The Splitter of Truth!

It's just Kyle "Not Bronson Arroyo" Snyder

This is a two parter comic strip of 'What if Bronson Arroyo could actually somehow find a way back to Boston and to be on the team' I think he'd do this, most def. And I think the team would kinda know and not really care as much..

Trotter, the Umpire Slayer

This is the part of the Red Sox Superheroes series I'm doing up. As we all know, Manny is BATMANNNGG!!1 but what are the other guys. Well Trot, he's a ballplayer with injury problems and emo eyeblack by day. By night he is a slayer of evil with little injury problems and still emo eyeblack. He is Trotter, the Umpire Slayer. Cuz those umpires? They're evil, I tell ya. Sure, he could just "give them information" but that's his day job. Another result of a cracked out Piney and CN conversation, if you must know where the hell this came from.