Pine Fresh Shenanigans: The Artpad Files

A collection of drawings made via Artpad usually about baseball, mostly Red Sox related, but sometimes is ventured outside of that realm.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Manny and the Gold Glove

This idea was all from the always fabulous CN. I just drew it out and it's a bit of an epic. :P Frame 4 is Wily Mo getting an idea. Frame 5 consists of Coco, Wily Mo, and Papelbon while Curt just facepalms. One of those goofy comic-strip esque things :)


Just Look at Tavarez

Julian Tavarez, who has suprisingly turned into a pretty decent starter for reasons beyond me, has a little habit. He likes to point to where the fielders should throw it. Shall anybody forget, just look at Tavarez. Dustin Pedroia gets a little nervous, Gonz calms him down. And yes, this is as lame as it looks, I apologize, I have a little mental block.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The Blackbird of Hope and his New Home

There's times in life when baseball may seem like it's more than a game, that it's life or death. I know I'm accused of doing this a lot of times. I take losses like it's the end of the world and I have even gotten depressed over some really bad losses and sometimes get all over the top in my giddiness over some wins. It happens in life, but despite what we all say sometimes, baseball is only really a game. I've been reminded of this recently, with Jon Lester being diagnosed with non-Hodgkins lymphoma. This alludes to the "Blackbird of Hope" artpad series I did a good couple weeks ago. Right now, more than anybody else, Jon Lester needs that little blackbird by his side. Cancer is a scary thing, but the good thing with Lester is that they caught it early on and it's treatable. That's the important thing. I believe Lester will be okay, he's a tough sonofabitch.

Speaking of which, one of my friends from LJ Courtney and a few of her friends came up with this great idea about making silicone bracelets(and even t-shirts) in support of Lester. It's called The Lester Project. It's a great idea, I think, and I thought I'd let other people know about it as well. It's still in stages of infancy, so bear with them. There's also a MySpace page for it, in case you want more information there.

A Childhood Dream Come True

How cool was it for Carlos Pena to hit a walkoff HR last night? That was one of the awesomest things to happen for a New England native. Pena is from Haverhill, MA and grew up a huge Red Sox fan. He alluded to his youth when he used to pretend he was Mo Vaughn hitting a walkoff HR in his backyard. Yeah it doesn't look too much like him. My bad. But also, for the record, I called it! :D I have friends who can back me up on this one.

Manny and his new BFF

This was inspired by The Dugout, that owns my soul. This one involves Manny and their portrayal of Manny(and Manny himself) are my main inspiration for the way I portray Manny in my artpads. The accuracy of these said thigns are unknown, but you wouldn't be too suprised one way or another methinks. Now what is the name of said medicine ball? Welll I'll let you guys pick out the name.