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Saturday, April 07, 2007

Guy Love: Mets Baseball Version

If you haven't seen the Scrubs Episode, "My Musical", then you are missing out BIG TIME. It's basically Scrubs in musical form. Anyways, the best song of the musical is a little ditty about the special friendship of JD and Turk, who act more like a married couple than Turk and his own wife. Anyways, my pal Jim wanted to see Wright + Reyes = <3 and well, I think this works. Who would star in the Red Sox' version? If it was 2004, no doubt it'd be Manny and Millar. However, this year, I think it'd be......Beckett and Papelbon, perhaps? IT could be anybody on the team.


At 10:33 AM, Blogger L said...

Aw. I especially like David's FAT HEAD. :)

"Davey says we're amb..ambigi..AMBIGUOUS!:D"

"Jose! >:["


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